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The Ultimate Ableton 10 Psytrance Masterclass

How often do you get to sit in the studio with a legendary artist learning one-on-one all his favourite techniques?

Now you have that chance!!!

Whatever your level, are you ready to take your production and music making to the next level?

Now is the time!

Tristan is passionate about his craft, a natural teacher and purveyor of psychedelic dimensions who genuinely wants everyone to improve and grow to their maximum potential.

This masterclass is a treasure trove of essential tools and ideas, that will change your approach to music writing forever. Tristan will guide you step-by-step through his easy-to-follow processes that will accelerate your music production to new levels of quality and sophistication.

The most amazing and frustrating thing about music making is that there are always new things to learn. Whatever your level there is always room for improvement.  However, if you learn from the best you can achieve the highest quality results and save a lot of time along the way.

This Masterclass is definitely focused on Ableton 10, but there are concepts and ideas that apply to everybody regardless of their choice of DAW.

Tristan is unquestionably the real deal and a legend in the studio, and it is in this masterclass that he reveals his latest tricks and timeless techniques that have been tried and tested on the biggest dance-floors around the globe that will help you sound like a Pro.

Covering all areas of the track writing process- Tristan is a natural teacher and relishes passing on all the “secrets” that so few are either willing or able to express so clearly.  This class will help you discover an ocean of creativity and develop your ability to express your own ideas to the MAX!


This Ultimate Ableton 10 Masterclass is an absolute must for everyone, beginner or advanced.  It will give you the tools to move forward on your psychedelic journey. Quite simply your knowledge and skills will improve, FAST!!



The Ableton 10 Masterclass includes these modules:

1.Find Your Inspiration
2.Randomly generated grooves
3.Arpeggios and melodies
4.Atmospheres and gated pads
5.Wavetable Technology
6.Alien dimensions
7.Kick and Bass
10.The Psychedelic Artist



What you will learn from these modules:


*Create amazing ever changing grooves and patterns, by building your own Racks so that so you can instantly play sounds from any synth or sampler and avoid spending hours writing midi sequences.
*Compose beautiful and sophisticated arpeggios from a single note; and powerful hooks and melodies in minutes!
*Design sonic landscapes to add texture and colour to your tracks.  Your imagination is the only limit.
*Futuristic synthesis and sound design that will blow peoples minds.
*Totally nail the kick and bass.
*Learn Tristan’s signature sound and how to develop your own.
*Strategy to easily conquer your arrangement.
*How to get your mixes sounding more professional.

What the Pros think…

“Great teacher….it’s like being in the studio with him…..a must for any trance producer to get your psychedelics up to scratch”


“Knowledge and inspiration for beginners and pros alike”


“Authenticity oozing out of the screen ….This is going to raise the bar across the board.”


“Tristan bares all and gives you the tools you need to get the job done in style!”


“…even for a seasoned veteran like myself I found great inspiration and couldn’t wait to try them out..”


“Entertaining, inspirational and packed with juicy tips from the Psytrance legend”


“This is a goldmine full of secrets of sound design. I see it as a key to unlock and open the inspiration within you”


“There is no-one better than Tristan to learn these top notch sound & production tips from..”

MINDSPIN – (mixing and mastering engineer for Astrix, Ace Ventura, Electric Universe, Burn In Noise)

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